12 Hilarious Horror Title Translations

12 Hilarious Horror Title Translations

by | Feb 9, 2018

12 Hilarious Horror Title Translations

We all love a good film, and the tile is one of the key thing that pulls you in. But if you changing the title , the film can take on a new meaning entirely. Some foreign translations of films can be extremely odd, and sometimes hilariously vague. And that is what we are looking at below, a bunch of odd and wonderful foreign titles that are just bat-shit insane. Hilarious Horror Title Translations.


Amy of darkness – Captain Supermarket

(Japanese) Kyaputen sûpâmâketto

Hilarious Horror Title Translations

We are not sure how the Army of Darkness got it’s new funky Japanese name, but I can only assume it was coined from someone who only watched the closing 2 minutes of the film, as Ash makes it back home to his Job at K-mart (shop smart!). Let’s forget for a second that the third Evil Dead film took place in medieval England, with a roaming army of undead soldiers sieging an ancient castle, and I guess the film could be about Bruce Campbell in a supermarket! Neat!


Jaws – The Teeth From The Sea

(France) Les dents de la mer

Jaws - The Teeth From The Sea - Hilarious Horror Title Translations
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the French go and objectify shark in what could be seen as an failed attempt at charades. “it’s a film. With Teeth..and the sea…ermm Water world?”


Snakes on a Plane – Terror on Board

(Spanish) Terror a Bordo

Snakes on a Plane - Terror on Board - Hilarious Horror Title Translations

The slither co-stars of Snakes on a plane take a backseat in the Spanish translation of the films title. Instead, the poster vaguely focuses on the planes predicament, declaring that there is indeed Terror on Board. But to be honest, this could be anything from Samuel L. Jackson’s use of foul language to the yappy, sequin-clad Chihuahua that irritates every scenes it’s in. woof!


Nightmare on elms street – The Claws of the Night

French – Les griffes de la nuit – The claws of the night

Nightmare on elms street - The claws of the night - Hilarious Horror Title Translations

Yes Freddy Kruger hunts his teenage victims at night, and yes he does have a set of razor sharp claws at his disposal, but does this French title really do the films premise any real justice? It could be about a rowdy alley cat, or Wolverines night time expeditions. It’s vague, boring..and a little degrading to the clawed night king himself. 


The Thing – The Horrible Outside

Danish – Det grusomme udefra

The Thing – The horrible Outside - Hilarious Horror Title Translations

The Thing is about a shapeshifting alien that can look and act like anyone, what it’s not about is a travel brochure for the Antarctica. Lots of sun, a little snow and chance of Alien invaders. This alternative title shows how much the dutch love nature and the fresh open air, so much so that their film titles are just comments on the weather. 

Alien 3 – The Ultimate Solution is Death

(Hungery) A végső megoldás: Halál

Alien 3 - The ultimate solution is Death - Hilarious Horror Title Translations

Aliens 3 is a pretty bleak film, with a bunch of ex-cons and a bald woman fighting an unstoppable alien creature hand and tooth in an old maximum-security prison. The film’s Hungarian title gives the ragtag bunch little hope of survival, as the title implies that their best bet is to give up and die! Grim stuff.


Saw – Macabre Game

(Spanish) Juego Macabro

Saw - Macabre Games - Hilarious Horror Title Translations

The saw franchise is a well-established torture porn thriller, filled with twists and turns and plenty of gore. The film name is a clever play on both the films antagonists, Jigsaw, and the implement that can free the two victims of Jigsaws game in the first film. The Spanish title is a little less ambiguous, declaring that Jigsaws games are pretty dark. Yes they are!


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Do Not Open that Door

(Italian) Non Aprite quella Porta

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Do not open that door- Hilarious Horror Title Translations

They told you not to go into the basement, or into the woods, and now the Italians are warning your about opening the door. With leather face and his hammer at the ready, who could blame them! Why they decided to base the title on a split second moment in the film is anyone’s guess, but it’s still quite a suggestive title.


Maxium Overdrive –It Started Without Warning

(German) Es begann ohne Warnung

Hilarious Horror Title Translations

Maximum Overdrive is Stephen kings one and only time in the big chair, adapted his short story Trucks, into a rocking, rolling thrill ride of chaos and gore. Telling the story of machines sudden sentience, and attempt of over throwing the human race, as earth enters into a comets tail. The titles reference the many vehicles, that spring to life, trapping the films survivors in a diner. The German title simply warns that It started without warning. They are not wrong!


Dracula AD – Dracula Chases Little Girls

(German) Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen

Hilarious Horror Title Translations

Dracula A.D. was supposed to be a contemporary update of Dracula for modern audiences. Gone were the medieval villages and looming castles, all replaced with a modern setting in London, where a bunch of hippies resurrect Dracula in a black magic ceremony. But according to the German title, Dracula is nothing more than pervert running around chasing girls. Not just girls, but little girls! Unless these scenes are accompanied by the ‘Benny Hill’ sound track, the title suggest that this film might not be the type of thing you’d put on with your parents, but more of a slap stick comedy in the same vein (get it?) as the Carry On films.
And a shout out to the Portuguese translation, Dracula in the World of Miniskirt. Now that’s a film that sounds uplifting!

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