A Post Apocalyptic Guide

A Post Apocalyptic Guide

by | Sep 19, 2015

The end is nigh! There’s zombies round the corner and a nuclear bomb exploding in the distance! But luckily, this is all just fantasy. There are no invading aliens or world famines…but what if it was real…what would really happen if the world was about to end!

Zombie – Dawn of the dead / World War Z

Dawn of the Dead

The unburied dead start to return to life, feasting on the living. With in a matter of months, the human race is on the verge of extinction, as the zombies out number the living. Whilst they are slow and dumb, in great numbers they are deadly.

If the undead did start to get up and wander around, in reality, they would not be around for very long! The human body is filled with bacteria, and the moment our bodies die, that bacteria starts to eat away at the flesh, decomposing the body.  Gases build up inside and body begins to bloat and collected fluids from inside begin to leak. Add the fact that they are walking around would increase the rate of decay. The muscles and ligaments would stop working and the walking dead would become the crawling dead, as within months, they would lose the ability to move. Add to this insects, animals and birds feasting off of them, like a giant walking buffet, and they would not be wandering around very long.
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Alien Invasion – Oblivion / War of the Worlds

War of the worlds

An alien species starts a war against humanity, after discovering the resources in which the planet has..Their superior technology and larger forces result in an annihilation of human kind. Small numbers of humans are left to live  if only to serve

If Aliens DID exists, then there is a good chance that some races could be aggressive or war like. We need only look as far as our selves to see how a species acts toward other beings. If a superior species did decide to take over the earth, we would certainly not stand by and watch our species be wiped out. Due to the delicate nature of certain cultures and aggressive and excessive force, , we would most probably see the earth scorched with nuclear weapons, making the planet uninhabitable.
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Genetic – Children of men

Children of men

The human race is on the verge of extinction as women lose the ability to have children. Despite the combined efforts of the worlds scientist, they are unable to answer the question of why women can’t conceive. Hanging on a knifes edge, the human race is a single generation away from being wiped out.

Infertility has a wide variety of causes, and whilst a lot is unknown about why some people become infertile, it is indeed a real threat.  Whilst it’s highly unlikely, if all women and men became infertile, it would pretty much be the end of the human race. With no way of populating the species, we would eventually become extinct.
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No Water – Tank Girl

Tank Girl

In the year 2022, a comet strikes the Earth, causing an 11-year drought. Just over ten year later in 2033, most of the little remaining water is held in reserve by a company known as The Water & Power corporation.  Owned by the Evil Kesslee, Water and Power uses the water to control the population.

Whilst it’s entirely possible that a single company could take control of dwindling water reserves, whether they would have anyone to sell it to is an entirely different matter. If water disappeared from the earth, everything would freeze. Without water vapor acting as a greenhouse gas, the surface temperature would drop substantially, maybe even to below freezing temperatures. There would be no weather anymore and the earth would start to look more like Mars, as an oxidized dust settled over everything. The earth would essentially become a huge big cold desert and everybody would starve or freeze. More Here!


Too Much Water – Water World

Water World

The polar ice caps have completely melted, causing the sea level to rise hundreds of feet and all the land is now underwater. People survive on floating atolls, which are scrapped together floating communities. Trade is the new currency and piracy is rife. Dry land is nothing more than a myth!

Considering that 71% of the world is already covered with water, it would not take much more to cover it up. However contrary to popular belief, the melting of the polar ice caps (Antarctic Seas and the Arctic Ocean) would not contribute directly to any raise in sea level, due to it’s volume being equal to the water it would create. The real threat would come from sheet ice in Greenland and Antarctica, which could melt if temperatures continued to rise. Due to lack of fresh water, most land based life would perish. It is possible that some people could survive off of fish and rain water, but it’s the weather’s unpredictability that would soon become their downfall.
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Disease – The stand / 12 Monkeys

The Stand

A man made disease has spread across the globe. It is highly communicable and deadly. A Small group of people survive, hoping to restore humanity.

In order for something to become a WORLD KILLER, it would need to over come certain obstacles which generally prevent huge outbreaks. Diseases like ebola, which have obvious symptoms and kill quickly, can easily be spotted and quarantined. This world killer would need to kill slowly, in order to allow the spread to become global. As soon as people start dying in mass, boarders close and airports shut. It would need to spread easily, have a long incubation time and evade all know detection. It could take YEARS for it to reach all populations, making this apocalypse, highly unlikely.
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Famine  – Interstellar


Crop blight has made growing food on Earth nearly impossible, threatening the existence of humanity. With food resources dwindling, humanity looks to the star in hope of finding a new planet to sustain the population, or to guarantee the survival of our species.

With 7 Billion people and growing, feeding everyone is already a huge problem. It’s become the biggest threat to humanity. If we lost the ability to grow food and plants, we would also lose our livestock. With no renewable food sources, humanity would slowly die out.
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Technology – Terminator / Matrix


The invention of AI results in a machine that decides that humanity is it’s greatest threat. A Nuclear war results in the obliteration of human kind. A small Packet of survivors fight back against the machines, in the hope of saving humanity.

Is AI dangerous? some would say yes, others no. The main control would be in the form of programming, where machines would be prevented from harming humans. Without the means to break this protocol, machines would be harmless. If however, machines were ever given a choice to between harming and not harming a human, an intelligent being would surely choose not to, unless their own existence was threatened. Given time, machines will have the same moral and law abiding choices that we all have. Where we fight amongst ourselves, it’s only logical to assume that we will also end up fighting the machines that we built, even if this is only on a small scale, such as a small riots. In the long run, machines and humans should live peacefully amongst one another, striving towards our combined goal to better ourselves.

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Nuclear War – The Road / The Book of Eli

The Road

Nuclear has wiped out the majority of the population, with a handful of survivors. The land is filled with ash and devoid of living animals and vegetation. The remaining humans have resorted to cannibalism or are brutal murderers . Pockets of society have survived creating little towns and villages.

In the event of a real nuclear war, things would be catastrophic. 150 million tons of smoke would spread throughout the atmosphere , blocking out all the light and dropping the surface temperatures below freezing for years. The big freeze would destroy all our food stock and huge amounts of radiation would contaminate any drinking water. Without being able to grow food and with animal stocks gone, A mass extinction event would occur. Anyone that did not starve to death would die of radiation poisoning.
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Energy/Technology Crisis – The Postman / Mad Max

Mad Max

A huge energy crisis results in failure of electricity. With no power and technology dead, the world crumbles. Humanity survives through small towns sustaining themselves via older methods such as farming. Resources such as fuel and food are now the main sources of currency. Wandering packs of marauders and savages are the biggest threat, taking what they can from those that can not defend it.

If electricity stopped working, one of the immediate issue would be water. With out pumps, water would no longer be transported around the country, and without treatment plants, the only sources of water available to us would be considerable undrinkable. Heating would stop, leaving billions vulnerable to the cold. But the loss of computers and cars, boats and planes would not mean certain doom for our species. It’s most probably that we would adapt to our new world, using steam to replace the combustion engine, and the old ways of the pre industrial revolution would see a return. Farming would become wide spread, and the old cities would empty, as people head out to the country where grown food and live stock would sustain the population.
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