Dark and Twisted Music Videos

Dark and Twisted Music Videos

by | Feb 17, 2016

Horror is not restricted to film and books, once in awhile, it stretches it dirty claws out and grabs hold of advertisers, designers and artists. Musicians generally stay clear of controversial or disturbing content, but when they embrace the darkness, great things happen, as evident here in our list of 10 Dark and Twisted Music Videos! We look at some of the most disturbing and graphic videos ever to grace tracks of the music world.

10Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

This creepy music video for Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun is sure to freak you out. Amongst the stretchy faced, big eyed weirdos that dance about on screen, are bunch of truly weird and disturbing sights. When a black hole sucks them in, you’ll actually feel a little relieved!

09 : Nirvarna – Heart Shaped Box

With abortions hanging from trees and scenes of crucifixion, Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box is a weird and twisted video that holds no punches.

08 : Michael Jackson – Thriller

No list would be complete with out the one that started it all. Directed by John Landis and Starring Michael Jackson, this dark and twisted music video put the loving fear in people the world over. From the creepy zombies to Michael’s werecat, it’s dark and haunting.

07 : Aphex – Twins

With lyrics clearly inspired from Hellraiser, this twisted music video from Aphex, is a mad mix of crazy that demands attention. With creepy kids and demons, running around a council estate, it’s a real scream!

06 : Daft Punk – Prime Time of your Life

This disturbing music video, from Daft Punk,  see’s a little girl literally peeling the flesh from her body. A dark and twisted vision with an ending that will leave you speechless.

05 : Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

Lordi, the 2006 eurovision winners, pay homage to The Evil Dead with their music video for Blood Red Sandman. With plenty of nods and winks, this thriller is a real treat for any horror fan.

04 : DyE – Fantasy

This Anime/Lovecraftian tale is beautifully animated and a feast for the eyes. With a dash of sexualism and pinch of bizarre, this bloody entry will certainly leave it’s mark on you.

03 : Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece Of Heaven

This little cracker has it all; Murder, necrophilia, cannibalism and even zombies! It’s a dark tale of love and rejection that will will warm your heart, after it’s ripped it out of your chest.

02 : Broken Social Scene – Sweetest Kill

Another gruesome music video for your viewing displeasure, this time from Broken Social Scene. Watch in horror as woman murders and dismembers her partner. This one will leave you cold…and buried in the ground!

01 : HEALTH – We are Water

Our Number 1 is a real cracker, with a music video which could easily be a scene from a horrifying teen slasher, that sees a victim on the run from a crazed, machete wielding, maniac! It’s dark, disturbing and bloody. Enjoy!

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