Everyday Horror Photography

Everyday Horror Photography

by | Nov 30, 2016

Have you ever Imagine what it would be like to come face to face with Freddy Kruger at a Starbucks, or to bump into Leather Face at the library? Wonder no more as creative Photographer Jason Shaltz has put together a collection of photos that put horror icons into everyday situations, for a series he calls Everyday Horror.  Ghostface goes jogging, Jason Voorhees plays billiards and Michael Myers sells hot dogs, you’ll find that these every day photos are a mix of humor and monotony, as the violent killers take on quieter pursuits.   

You recognize their faces. their name might dance on the tip of your tongue, but you definitely recognize their faces. All of us have some experience with them. Although their extra-curricular activities are generally frowned upon by society (serial murder, torture, terrorism), they have managed to win the hearts of millions of fans globally. Ironically it seems like they can truly “do no harm” to their reputation, navigating the press and media unscathed and forever glorified.

But…what goes on during “non-business hours” for these folks? When they aren’t hanging co-eds on meat-hooks or making human kebobs from teenage camp counselors, where are they? What are they doing?

Follow Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Ghostface and Michael around the streets of NYC in this October-inspired photo series. Created by Brooklyn, NY-based photographer Jason Shaltz, taking a behind-the-scenes look at iconic fictional characters living “everyday” big city life. See how they travel, relax, exercise and generally blow off steam. #EverydayHorrors provides humorous contrast between subject and environment, while simultaneously exhibiting New Yorkers’ propensity to tunnel-vision syndrome: completely uninterested in their surroundings.

Welcome to the Terrordome…

Check out the photo series below and also the slide show provided by Rotten Cake, who also have an awesome Etsy store where you can buy prints and other items. Enjoy!


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