Eye Popping - Top Ten Moments

Eye Popping Moments

by | Jun 25, 2015

Eye Popping – Top Ten Moments

There’s nothing that makes me squirm more than watching someone having their eyes gouged out. Watching the recent Game Of Thrones Finally, we saw a character stabbed in, not just one, but both of his eyes. Oh the horror! I can only imagine what that character must be thinking at this time. Is he more concerned with the fact that he is now blind, or is he too consumed with the pain? It makes me shudder just thinking about it. There are plenty of nasty eye popping moments in film, ones that are silly, ones that are gross and others that are just down right nasty. Here’s my top 10 Eye Popping Moments (nasty!!!)

10: Evil Dead 2


Probably the most silly eye pop out side of Total recall. When Ash slams the cellar door down on Henrietta’s head, her eye is popped right out of her head and flies across the room, landing in Bobby Joe mouth. Silly but Fun!

9: May


In a sense, May is basically a crazed version of Frankenstein, without the science stuff! Upset and angry that her creation is not alive, she stabs a pair of scissors into her lazy eye. You don’t actually see the scissors going in, but the impact and torrent of blood pouring from her wound is still enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

8: Evil Dead


Another eye thing for the Evil Dead, this time from the original. Demonically possessed, Scotty attacks Ash. In a the Tussle, Ash jams his big old thumbs into Scott’s sockets, popping his eyes in a flow of thick red blood.

7: 28 Days Later


In one of the more violent moments in the list, Jim attacks Corporal Mitchell and ramming his fingers deep into his eyes sockets. The most horrifying thing about this scene, is Mitchell’s high pitched screams as Jim pushes his thumbs deeper inside his head!

6: Cannibal Ferox


A nasty little scene from classic Cannible Ferox here.  Mike, high on cocaine and just a little bit crazed, brutally tortures and kills their native guide. Slipping his knife inside the guides head , Mike casually pulls out his eye.

5 : The Beyond


Have you ever accidentally opened a portal to hell whilst doing a little painting and decorating? Such is the fate brought upon the poor folk in the Beyond. Joe the plumber, has his eyes gorged out by a demonic hand, but that’s not the scene we are talking about. Joe’s corpse rises from the grave and impales a maid on a long nail, poking her eye clean out of her head!

4: Hostel


Having just escaped the torture building Paxton returns to help poor Kana. He Enters just as her American torturer is blow torching her pulled out eyeball! Paxton kills the American and inexplicable cuts off Kana’s dangling eyeball with a pair of scissors.  I’m not an expert on human anatomy, but I’m pretty sure that custard should not pour out from your optical nerve!

3: Zombie Flesh Eaters


One of the most iconic horror moments in history. The old Splinter in the eye gag from Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombie 2)! Attacked by a zombie, Paola finds herself being pulled toward a shatter door, where her eye is pierced by a large splintered piece of wood. Worst case of a splinter EVER!

2: Guinea Pig 2


The is the film that Charlie Sheen contacted the FBI about. He thought that the film depicted an actual homicide. In one scene of this, torture porn, gore-fest, a woman has her eye scooped out from her head with a spoon. It’s pretty nasty stuff!

1: Splatter: Naked Blood


Top of my list is this horrible little scene from a lessor known Japanese Horror film called Naked Blood. Under the influence of a nasty new chemical agent, one of the test subjects decides to eat herself. She casually rams a fork in to her own head, pulls out her eye and eats it! It’s bloody, realistic and shocking.

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