An Illustrated History of Freaky Vampire Eyes

An Illustrated History of Freaky Vampire Eyes

by | Mar 27, 2016

We continue our look at the fascinating world of Vampires Eyes throughout history.

Blade – 1998

An obvious look here but one rarely used. When Frost becomes La Magra, the Blood God, his eyes become blood red, achieved here with the use of CGI.

Dusk Till Dawn 2 – 1999

Using the classic design with the pronounced limbal, From Dusk till Dawn 2 also made the iris lines very defined, giving the eyes a unique look.

Blade 2 – 2002

Blades 2’s Reaper vampires have a very unique eye design, with a blood red limbal ring, highlighted along its inside with bloody veins. The iris is a pale colour with a pinpoint pupil.

Vampires: Los Muertos – 2002

Los Muertos used the classic design, but added some mesmerising colour schemes for its lead vampires, here we can see Una’s purple eyes that almost glow onscreen.

Van Helsing – 2004

A really creative approach here with fantastic results. A red tinged limbal ring with inside fractures reaching towards the pupil. A bright green iris fades to a duller green at the center. Beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

Blade: Trinity – 2004

Not only did Trinity use vertical slit pupils for Dracula, they also positioned them at an angle, making the characters eyes unique in every way.

Salem’s Lot – 2004

Not many films use CGI for eyes, but the 2002 TV movie adaption of Salem’s Lot did. They simply misted over the entire eye giving it a ghostly dead look. This opaque effect looked cheap and obvious.

Vampires: The Turning – 2005

A really simple lense was used here. No limbal line, just a pale blue iris, that gives the actor a weird, undead look.

30 Days of Night – 2007

Here we see a very dark looking lense. The Iris and pupil are just one mass black space, with a glowing red edge.

Twilight – 2008

Twilight uses an interesting reflective brown coloured lense. With a pronounced limbal ring and defined iris lines, giving the eyes a seductive yet warm feel. Perfect for touchy feely Vampires.

What We Do in the Shadows – 2014

A classic look with a twist. The limbal ring is bright red which offsets the pale coloured iris. It’s a creepy look.
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