Movie Poster Cliches – Skulls

Movie Poster Cliches – Skulls

by | May 11, 2018

Alas, poor Yorick! When considering design, it’s often good to look at symbolisms when selling products. If your looking for something foreboding, nothing says “risk of death” than a good old skull smacked on the front. Even way back in the 1700, pirates realised that nothing put the dread of god in someone than the sight of a giant skull riding on a flag. The Jolly roger was flown for centuries as a warning to other sailors, and even today we still use the skulls and crossbones on warning sign for poisons. 
Film posters also like to use this terrifying symbolisms, to show danger and risk. Since early cinema right up to modern day, the skull is permanent fixture on our movie posters. Here are a selection of posters that use this very cliche to tempt and shock audiences. Movie Poster Cliches – Skulls
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“Hello Horror Fans – I’ve been called bone-head a number of times throughout my life, but reflecting over these gorgeous posters has actually made me think that’s a compliment. It’s great that this theme has carried on over all these years, and it never gets old. Let us know what you think of our selections, and let us know in the comments what selection of posters you’d like us to cover next. 

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