Good news for Fans of the original two films, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II will appear on next generation 4K Ultra HD.. What does this mean? Well, for one..your going to need a bigger boat TV, one that supports 4K, and a Ultra-HD Blu-ray player, but the quality of the video is going to be mind blowing. 4K is quickly becoming a popular medium, with  SkyQ, Fire TV and Netflix all support 4K UHD. Having four times the resolution of high definition, it’s going to be the ultimate way to watch the ‘Busters and will hit shelves in June.

Being sony’s first batch of  4K Ultra HD disc releases, they are repeating their success of Blue-ray transfer by restoring the film from it’s original 35mm camera negatives. This will mean that the film is a true 4k image, and not just an up-ressed Bluray print.  Believe me, it’s exciting stuff and you’ll begin to see a lot more 4K UHD releases this year. 

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