Voice actor Erik Bauersfeld, who you may remember as the iconic voice for fish faced Admiral Ackbar in the Star Wars films, has sadly passed away at the grand old age of 93. Erik launched a pop culture catchphrase, as Ackbar announced to the world “It’s a Trap” in 1983’s Return of the Jedi.

Bauersfeld mainly worked in radio, serving as the Director of KPFA’s drama and literature department for thirty-one years. Bauersfeld was actually working at Lucasfilm on a radio project, when he was approached to read for the part of Ackbar.  According to Bauersfeld, he was shown a picture of Ackbar and instantly came up with the character’s voice. Ackbar’s lines only took an hour to record. He also provided the voice for Jabba the Hutt’s steward Bib Fortuna. Bauersfeld returned for a cameo role in last year’s Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens, again as the voice for Admiral Ackbar.

Erik Bauersfeld

Twitter has been paying it’s respects to the actor, saying good bye in the only way appropriate…. #itsatrap. Bauersfeld died on Sunday at his home in California.





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