Horror Made in Germany

Boy was we duped! When the trailer for Alien Tampon hit the internet a few weeks back, we were blown away at just how awsome it was. With a silly premises and B movie effects, it looked so bad it was good. We all wanted to know when we could see this awesome film. As it turns out, we have already seen it. The film was developed as a three minute trailer only. But don’t look too down in the dumps, the good news is that they plan to crowd-sourcing the film, using the trailer as a tool to help encourage investors.

“The short form of the trailer allows us to get a realistic assessment of the content potential, in such a way that any co-producers, investors and lenders can be attracted to feature film production and for receiving a tangible basis for our crowdfunding project.”

For now, all we have is an awesome trailer and some high hopes of a future film.

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