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Alternate Halloween 2018 Scenes Teased!

by | May 18, 2020

Halloween 2018 was a huge success when it hit cinemas back in 2018, so much so that two sequels have been announced with Halloween Kills still dated for an October 2020 release. David Gordon Green’s film acted as a sequel to the original 1979 film and retconned every movie that has been made since then. The film brought back Michael Myers 40 years after his rampage in Haddonfield, with adversary  Laurie Strode waiting patiently for the shape. The final act of the film shows an epic showdown between Michael and Laurie in her boobytrapped home. 

However, it seems that cut scenes form the film would have included a lot more of the duo fighting it, as admitted by the official Halloween twitter page. 


 This tease by blumhouse hints that we may one day see these extra scenes, maybe in a future Blu-ray/DVD release. Fans of the series will certainly be exciting to see some more Myers vs Strode. 

Alongside Halloween Kills, a second sequel called Halloween Ends is due for a 2021 release. Halloween Kills will bring back the core cast members of the first film, including Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney and  Judy Greer. The film is also be bringing back a few cast members from previous Halloween movies such as Nancy Stephens who will reprise her role as Marion Chambers from the original Halloween II. 


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