Did you just feel that? The earth moved as a ground shaking new reboot just kicked in. Kevin Bacon is going Back to Perfection!

Deadline broke the news, that Kevin Bacon is on board a new TV revival of the popular creature feature. Acting as executive producer and reprising his role as Valentine McKee from the first Tremors film, the actor will be returning to Perfection after a 25 year absence.

Even with out the power of bacon, the film series managed to produce 4, direct to dvd, sequels and a short live TV series. One of the sequels,Tremors : Blood line, only just came out in October and is probably the reason behind the new interest in the franchise.

The series sees the town of Perfection, Nevada, under attack from giant worms called Graboids, heat seaking Shriekers and flying Ass -Blasters! The TV series continued on from the third film, where an albino Graboid called El Blanco is sort of the towns mascot.

Tremors - Graboid

The Worm has Turned

Bacon told VICE back in August, that he would be interested in going back to the series.

“It’s a surprisingly good movie, I remember it being a little more sillier than it is. Valentine is the only character that I’ve ever done that I’m interested in revisiting 25 years on.”

“Because I look at the guy and he’s stuck in this town with this other guy, he’s got all these dreams, delusions of grandeur, of getting out and getting girls. But he’s really sort of stuck and when you get to the end of the movie you feel like, you’re kind of hopeful that maybe he is going to make a move, and gets the guts to kiss the girl and pulls his shit together.”

“The question to whether or not that happens, for me, is kind of interesting question. Well, what if we saw this guy 25 years later?”


Bacon celebrated the news with this awesome behind the scenes snap of the original Tremors.

No network is attached yet, but Universal Pictures says multiple bidders are interested in the project.

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