Chucky In Space Teased By Don Mancini

by | Feb 6, 2024

  • Don Mancini, the creator of the Chucky franchise, has ideas for sending Chucky to space.
  • Nothing set in stone but he’s looking to see if there’s “enough demand” from fans.
  • Charles Lee Ray will return in more Season 3 of Chucky on Peacock.

Jason went there, Pin Head too and even The Lephracuan floated in it’s great expanse! Well, it seems that one other horror icon might be heading to the great expanse of space.

When it comes to franchise creators, no one is as dedicated then Don Mancini, whos love of of the Child’s Play franchise has seen it run consistently since it’s creation in 1988. That very first film, directed by beloved Tom Holland, has since spawned 7 sequels and 3 seasons of a TV show. However, never Mancini is not one to sit on his hands, and it seems that his next big adveture for Chucky could be his biggest yet. 

Mancini spoke to Screen Rant at the Saturn Awards, and it’s here that he dropped the otherworldy news.

“Everyone’s asking me that question! So, MY question is, “Do you want him to go to space?” Do you personally want him to go? If there’s enough of a demand for that, eventually – I don’t know how quickly – I have an idea for that.”

So Mancini has an “idea” about how he could get the Chuckster up into the great beyond. Whilst it might seem like a crazy idea, sometimes films need to take a quirky turn to give them a bit of momentum, or even just give the characters a different backdrop. Whilst this is not a defineitve film concept right now. It;s fun to imagine Charles Lee Ray slaughtering people on board a space ship. 

If you looking for more up and coming Chucky action, the second half of the third season of Chucky will be airing on peacock later on this year.

We’ll keep our eyes on the sky for this one.


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