Tom Holland’s Update on ‘Fright Night 2: Resurrection’

by | Nov 17, 2020

With Fright Night turning  35 years old, it’s great to see that the blood is still running warm in its veins, as the films creator updates us on a possible new film. We have been spoken about Tom Holland and the future of Fright Night for quite some time now, especially after the rights returned to him last year. In our last update, he announced his plan to resurrect as many old characters as he could in a sequel book called Resurrection. However, recently he has turned his attention away from the book and into a screenplay. 

In an interview with Syfy Wire Holland has given a update on what is going on with Fright Night and who he plans to “resurrect”!

“I’m still trying, I’m writing a sequel to Fright Night now… I’m calling it Fright Night 2: Resurrection. Well, it’s the only way to protect myself: If you wanna see something done right, do it yourself”

Holland notes that he is 31’000 words into his screen play, which we can assume is based on the book he has been writing now for a number of years. In fact, a 31k screen play sounds a little heavy, so it could be that he is still just writing a book? But what’s will the film/book be about?

“Of course, Charlie’s back, and so is Evil Ed. I’m bringing back everybody I can. I’m calling it Resurrection because we’ve got to resurrect Billy Cole and Jerry Dandridge. And now I’ll say no more,”

The original 1985 Fright Night had a single sequel made a few years later called Fright Night Part 2, which Holland co wrote. However, it’s an interesting tell that he is calling it Fright Night 2, as it’s clear that he’ll be retconning the sequel, much like Halloween has done so successfully. 

We’ll drop more news when it hits! 


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