Well that was a huge surprise. I turned on my computer today to the news that J.J. Abrams has been at it again. Not only is he producing the next Cloverfield film, but it’s been filmed and there’s also a trailer!
Now this is nothing new, as the original Cloverfield had a similar release, with a trailer and teaser that came out from no where.

The 2008 found-footage monster movie “Cloverfield” was a master stroke. The Matt Reeves-directed, Drew Goddard-written film was the godzilla movie we had all wanted too see, even if we never really saw much of the big beasty. With epic set peices such as the Statue of Liberty losing her head,and the Brooklyn Bridge getting destroyed. With a good plot that saw a line of friends trying to survive the monster encounter, Clover field delivered the goods. We had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing a sequel, until news of this new film dropped today.

Now we knew that this film was coming, Bad Robot and Abrams released details last year of a film he was producing called Valencia. Abrams released info about the thriller last year, saying that the film involved a teenage girl awakening in a cellar after a car crash to discover from a strange caretaker that society has been devastated by nuclear attack. But now the penny has dropped and Valencia was just a place holder for the new film, 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Starring John Goodman as the caretaker, the girl in question is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is also stuck in a shelter with John Gallagher Jr. The trailer paints a dark and tense picture, with the song “I Think We’re Alone Now” playing in the background. The devastating nuclear attack now being rather more specific. No UK dates just yet but the film is getting a US release on on March 11.

Check out the trailer below and then drop to the bottom of the page and leave us a comment. Are you excited about this sequel?

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