The sixth episode of the sixth season of Walking Dead saw Daryl, Sasha and Abraham finally led the walkers herd Alexandria 20 miles from Alexandria. With 12.9 million total viewers on its first air date, you might think that the numbers are testament to just how great the Walking Dead is. But seriously..we all just want to know if GLEN is alive! And yet again..the show is dragging the pizza delivery boys fate out, leaving us wondering if he’s walker chow, or just hiding under that rubbish skip?

Walking Dead Series 6

You may have missed it, but so far, the entire first half of season six has taken place in one single day, a ballsy move for any show. But for us viewers, its agony waiting week after week, to find the answer to the much asked question. Is Glen ALIVE?

The latest episode was a good mix of action and drama, with Abraham coming to peace with his inner anger and Daryl taking his first precarious steps into the world of a recruiter.. well kinda. Yet again, the group manage to find themselves split up with danger at every turn. It’s a formula thats been well used in the show. As is the “Character over coming their grief” story which they gave to Abraham this time around. But even though the episode was a little slow, and a little familiar, it still managed to get a reaction from the audience with one single line!


Was it Glen? The voice was unfamiliar..but we are all holding out for the answer. It may not come in next week semi final episode, but that could mean that we could be in for a very emotional end to the first half of the series.

Glen..Just come home!


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