Final Destination Almost had a Physical Grim Reaper!

by | Oct 26, 2020

The film franchise Final Destination tells the story of a group of teens attempting to escape death, after a moment of prophecy prevents their own demise. The film sees an invisible force chasing the group, trying to claim the lives of the people who had escaped death. However, director James Wong recently spoke about the films early concepts and the idea of using a Physical Grim Reaper!

The film was originally conceived for an episode of The X-Files, by screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick, but ultimately chosen to be developed further into a feature length film. In the original script, the Grim Reaper was an physical being who was hunting the teen down, but Wong was not keen on the idea.

“Early on, we said to each other, ‘There are too many Freddys and Jasons… We thought, ‘If you think of Death as sort of this sadistic force, what can he do to mess with you? Maybe there’s a chance you can escape it, but probably not.”

In the end, the changed changed the film into a completely new genre, one where EVERYTHING is a danger and there is literally no where to hide. Having a force, rather than a character, is far more scary.  As a semi stand in for Death, Tony Todd stars as Bludworth, a mortician that seems to have some connection or awareness of the entity. 

You can read more about the franchise , including Wongs reactions to each of the biggest deaths, over ay YAHOO.

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