First Look at ‘Salem’s Lot’ with Movie Tie-In Edition Novel Cover

by | Jul 5, 2022

We are just a couple of months away from the cinema release of Salem’s Lot, and yet there’s been almost no publicity around director Gary Dauberman’s new adaption. In fact, our very first public look at the film comes as a Movie Tie-In Edition Novel Cover

The classic vampire story, written by Stephen King, takes place in a little Main town where a Vampire invasion is slowly taking transforming the residents. First released in 1975, a TV mini series was created by Tobe Hooper in 1979, and another TV adaption in 2004. This film adaption marks the very first cinematic release of the chilling tale.

As with many novels with new film adaptions, a new print of Salem’s Lot will be made avaible, promoting the film. However, this marks the very first time the general public has seen any promotional material from the film.  The new cover shows the main cast of the film standing by a welcome sign with the Marsten house, shrouded in mist, looming over them in the distance. The book will be hitting shelves in August, just a single month away from the films release.

A trailer was shown at this years CinemaCon, but even that has yet to surface online yet, or even play in cinemas. Well, New Line Cinema has not much time left to start advertising, as Salem’s Lot is due for release on  September 9th.



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Salem's Lot 2022 Book Cover - Horror Land

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