Oh how I hate these silly new wave teaser trailers. Once upon a time they used to be a very early look at an upcoming film, but now they are used to advertise the trailer, without showing you anything. If a movie is restaurant food, and the trailer was a picture in a menu, the teaser would be a waiter outside trying to beacon in hungry customers. Only the food on offer is a little unknown. The same could be said of the new Ghostbusters movie. We Still have no idea what to expect from this upcoming reboot.
We have seen lots of stills, and a poster, and now we finally have a trailer..well kinda.  Boasting a date for 3.3.16, the teaser makes it clear that we are going to get something big! All we have to do now, is wait a few weeks, and then we will get our very first live action look at the new, all female, ghostbusters. Until then, make do with some shots of Manhattan as the police and army prepare for some sort of epic showdown against the films big bad. Could there be a Staypuft in our near future?

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