Some almost unbelievable news this morning as Amblin Entertainment and New Line Cinema announce that they are teaming up to release a sequel to both Gremlins and Critters in the form of a crossover movie.
The new film will see the green meanies and Crites at each others throats in rural Kansas town. No casting news just yet, but sources reveal that Vin Diesel is in talks for the lead role. The film will see him caught in a huge battle between the two foes, as he struggles to save his family and friends.

Stephen Spielberg is producing the film and had this to say

“One thing I learned when making Jaws 5, is that audiences love a crossover movie. If that film (Jaws 5) had not included king kong, it just would have flopped, I know it would. The films ran too long and fans got bored, that’s what ‘s happened to these two film series and we hope to inject some new life into the Gremlins and Critters.”

No directed is attached yet, but word is that shooting is going ahead soon.

The Film is set to be released at Halloween, which this year falls on the 30th of October.

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