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by | Aug 11, 2020

Beyond big budget Horror films and low budget studios, there’s another layer of Horror that lies just under the surface, the crowd funded projects. 

The latest crowdfund to be thrown into the ring is the retro styled Gym of the Dead, which is hoping to raise £10,000 to make this black comedy horror set in a 1980’s Gym.

The film has already reached out to a huge cast that includes: Dani Thompson (Pandamonium, Serial Kaller, My Bloody Banjo), Megan Lockhurst (Jurassic Predator, Cupid), Eve Kathryn Oliver (Mask Of Thorn, Edge Of Extinction), Jack Hunter (Paranoia Tapes, Horror Nights, One Step Behind), Robert Bess (Slumber Party Slaughter Party 2, Clown Motel 2), Heather Rotten (Backwoods Bubba, The Embalmers), Amy Ellen Holbrook (Callback, Strix), Pamela Sutch (Trakked, and many 90s Indie films up to now), Renee Graham (Holy Shit Man, Backwoods Bubba), Tina Vasile (Bloody Hooker Massacre, Day Of The Undead), Tamara Jones (Backwoods Bubba, Z Dead End), Cayt Feinics ( Clownado, Naked Cannibal Campers) and Monica Hayes (After Hours Cinema, The Gift). Basically, the film will be filled with lost of beautiful woman in latex…. SOLD!!!

The synopsis reads thus:

Welcome to Bodacious Bodies, the place to be in the 1980’s for those who want all eyes on them.
Bulging muscles, tight bodies and so much neon it could blind a blind man.
Come in, get fit quick or hit the bricks. 

When toxic waste that is being transported to a secure location finds its way into the private water supply of the local gym it will only be a matter of time before those inside become more than they ever dreamed of being.

Only a handful of the non-infected stand against the zombie horde in what will be a test of strength, teamwork and downright brutalness in this zombie black comedy horror.

The film has been written by writer producer Peter Hopkins, who already has another film boiling under the surface, called Callback, which is due in 2021. Gym of the Dead is being directed by Emir Skalonja.

The film is being crowdfunded over on indiegogo and there are plenty of perk packages to buy. From social media shout outs to video calls to the cast, and even the opportunity to have credits in the film. 

Why not spend some of that coffee money on a little slice on cinema history, by taking part in the films we so desperately crave. Head over to the Gym of the Dead page and help the film get funded. 

Thanks for reading, loove you all and hope to hear from you in comments comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @Lallen_UK

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