‘Halloween Ends’ CinemaCon Footage vs Trailer Breakdown

by | Jul 28, 2022

The very first footage from Halloween Ends was show at CinemaCon back in April, and many fans took to the internet to reveal what the next chapter in the Halloween franchise will look like. Now that the full blown trailer has been released, it seems that it’s very different to what was described in the preview at CinemaCon. Se we are breaking down what the fans saw, vs what was actually in the trailer.



  • “44 years ago, the face of fear was born.”

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

The official trailer opens up with a POV of Michael Myers entering a house and being confronted by Lauri Strode. The “44 Years” text is sadly missing here. 


  • Classic footage from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN.

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

The trailer does not contain any footage from the original 1978 film at the start, instead it cuts to a scene where Michael chucks Laurie across a kitchen table. This is possible more footage from the big confrontation between Michael & Laurie.


  • A murder montage shows the victims of Michael Myers on Halloween night ’78 and 2018. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

Once again, there is no footage for the 78 nor the 2018 film here, instead, we get a montage of characters from the new film. All of them seen screaming in fear. 


  • “Every scream. Every scare. Every slash. Has led to this.”

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

Now we get the footage from the 78, 2018 and 2021 Halloween films. In-between these clips are the text “THEIR SAGA..ENDS”. The film is clearly looking to resolve the conflict that started with the original Halloween movie. 


  • In new footage, Laurie breaths heavily as she hides in a dark closet. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

There is an extra montage of footage from the new film before it cuts to Laurie in the closet. This is very reminiscent of the classic closet scene from the original 78′ Halloween. 


  • Michael Myers stalks a kitchen with a knife. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

The footage cuts directly to the brutal fight with Laurie. We do not see Michael with the knife. 


  • Laurie lunges at Michael and slashes at him. It’s a BRUTAL fight. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

We do not see Laurie attacking Michael with a knife here, instead we see Michael trying to force Laurie’s hand down into a trash disposal, as she thrashes about in his tight grip. 


  • Michael grabs Laurie’s hair and slams her face first into a glass cabinet. Laurie grips her knife and stabs it into Michael’s hand. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

In this next shot, there is no footage of Laurie’s face being smashed into glass, but we do see her grabbing Michael’s knife and stabbing it into his (already mangled) hand. So far Michael has lost a eye, three fingers and been badly burnt in his conquest to kill Laurie.


  • The trailer ends with Michael on the table. Laurie stands over her prey with a butcher knife. 

Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

The trailer now fades into the title card, with burning embers blowing against a black background. We do not get to see Laurie standing over Michael, as seen in the cinemacon footage. 



Halloween Ends Trailer Break Down - Horror Land

As the title card appeared previously, we now get the films launch date, which is October 14th 2022. Certainly a date to put in your diary.


So, clearly, there is still more footage coming our way at some point. It may even be the case that the CinemaCon footage will arrive as a second trailer. One way or the other, this epic last chapter in this Halloween revival sure looks like it’s going to deliver us fans one of the brutalist and terrifying Halloween films yet. 

We shall wait and see…


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Stay in, Stay Safe, Love Horror!

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