The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

by | Oct 28, 2021

We all love Halloween, but with so many delicious candies on offer, it can be hard to know which ones are worth the sugar. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out list of our favourite treats for you to enjoy. This 31st of October, you’ll be spoiled for choice with a TERRIFYING choice of sweets that may just swallow your soul. Here are The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021.


Cadbury – Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Cadbury – Pumpkin Patch Cakes - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Pumpkin Patch Cakes are chocolate flavoured sponge layered with an orange-coloured crème, covered in milk chocolate and finished with a pumpkin decoration. Cadburys never disappoints with these tasty little cakes, and they have become a staple Halloween treat in the UK. It might not be great for giving out to Trick or Treaters, but it’s certainly a welcome snack at Halloween parties.


Cadburys – Goo Heads

Cadbury – Goo Heads - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Cadburys spent years butchering these once great Halloween treats, but the green gooed filled Ghoost eggs have been called Goo Heads for a few years now. Much like the original Cadburys Crème egg, the coloured fondant has been removed leaving only the white filling. Despite the money saving antics of Cadburys, these eggs do come in a variety of cool looking foil wraps, such as the Frankenstein Monster, Dracula and the Wolfman., perfect for dropping into bags for passing Trick or Treaters. They Even come in a mini variety and cake bar format.


Cadburys – Skeleton Fingers

Cadburys – Skeleton Fingers - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Something strange has happened to the box of the Cadburys’ white chocolate fingers, it’s looking a little bare boned. But don’t worry boils and ghouls, this tasty fingers are still the real deal, just with an amazing new Halloween box called Skeleton Fingers. Well played Cadburys.


Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling Halloween - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few of Mr Kipling’s spooky delights on the table. Not only do these delicious bites come in spooky packaging, but they also look just fabulous spread out on a plate, making these the perfect thing to serve up for a party. Last year’s boxes were still promoting their Roald Dahl collaboration, so it’s super sweet to see a more spookier return, even if it’s not the best packing their have conjured up for the season.

Look out for Toffee Apple pies, fiendish fancies, Spooky Chocolate & Vanilla Slices and our favourite Terrifying Toffee Whirls. You’ll want a good cup of tea with these.


DIY Kits

DIY KITS - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Mr Kipling – Spooktastic Cupcake Kit and Icing

If you’ve got small little goblins of your own, you may want to celebrate Halloween with a fun creative cooking challenge which involves baking up Mr Kipling brand new Spooktastic Cupcake Kit. The kit servers up 24 little chocolate cupcakes, but you may want to partner this purchase with the additional green icing. If your goblins are anything like the ones we have here, you may end up with more saliva in your cupcakes then actual cake, but it certainly keeps them quiet for half-an hour.

M&S – Ghoulish Gingerbread Biscuit Kit

M&S are also bringing on the DIY vibe with their Ghoulish Gingerbread Biscuit Kit, which comes with Ghost and Bat biscuit cutters, which are worthy of it’s cheap price alone. It also comes with orange sugar drops and black icing, perfect for creating your very own beasties.

Create a Cake – Halloween Shortbread Biscuit Kit

If gingers not quite your thing, you might want to try this more traditional biscuit kit sold in Sainsburys and Waitrose, which comes with its own little “non-ginger” bread man biscuit cutter and white icing to turn your bakes into tiny little skeletons or crumbling mummies. They also come as a Pumpkin shape kit too. If you’re asking why there are ghosts on the box… don’t! At least they tried!




M&S Halloween - - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Marks and Spencer never fail to delight each and every Halloween, and this year’s offerings are just FANGtatsic. If you’re looking for food and treats this year, M&S is the place for you. This year you’ll find breaded dreads, creepy crawlies and ghastly gift boxes.

If you’re looking for baked goods this year, M&S have Vampire Crumpets, Boo Boa Buns and Pumpkin Spice Loaf Cake are all up from grabs. You can also find Pumpkin Spice Yumnuts and spooky cupcakes. Whilst over in the fridges, you’ll find Hocus Pocus Pumpkin beef burgers, breaded cheese stick Witch Fingers, Wiggling Worm pork sausages, Bubbling Cheese Cauldrons and Meaty Mummies meat balls. Quite the selecting for your Halloween party.

Not every night needs to filled with ghouls and ghost, you may be planning a more quitter night in. The Halloween Spooky Night In Gift Box is a tantalising treasure trove containing spider jelly sweets,  Vampire’s fangs cheesy crisps and chocolates. But wait…. There’s more! Get your baking on with a ghoulish gingerbread biscuit set and a Chocolate Cupcake kit, along side a pumpkin decoration kit and two masks.

What about your office buddies? How about a tub of Caramel Slime Brownies, which are chocolate brownies topped with green caramel. They are green inside too. Spooky!


M&S Colin the Caterpillar & Percy Pig

M&S Colin the Caterpillar & Percy Pig - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

As M&S have gone all in this year for Halloween, it’s no surprise to see that animal icons Percy Pig and Colin the Caterpillar have also been bitten by the bug. Colins gone all voodoo on us with skulls and bones and colourful sprinkles. The best thing is that it covers the entire range. So, look out for spooky mini Colins and even Spooky Festival Colin Cake Jar, which is basically just cake in a jar. Poor Percy is also not feeling too well, with the all year round easter egg variety being turned into a zombie.



Sainsburys - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Sainsburys is a little short of celebrations this year, with more enthesis on Christmas than Halloween, even though it’s October. But you’ll find the odd treat here and there that’s worthy of attention.

Spooky Chock Cookie Bats are back this year, meaning that even breakfast can be gruesome during all hallows eve. However, if you’re looking for something more tasty to start your day, check out their Sainsbury’s Creepy Cupcakes. Can you really eat Cupcakes for breakfast? Hell yes!!!

If you’re looking for treat bag fillers, Sainsbury’s has stocked up with Jelly Filled Brains and mini chocolate eyes and pumpkins. A little lack-lustre really.

In the baked goods isle, you find Ghoulish Gingerbread Shapes, Freaky Fairy cakes and Pumpkin Patch cupcakes.



Asda - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Another major retailer trailer behind this year is Asda, with a bare minimum selection of goods which is in line with Sainsburys pitiful offerings. Gone are the days of their big adverts and major push for Halloween goods. Everything is just as minimum as possible. 

You’ll find Halloween Cupcakes, Pumpkin Spice Muffins and Bagels and the usual gummy sweets and chocolate balls. Everything else on the shelves are branded sweets and treat that you could pick up anytime throughout the year, and the majority are not re-branded for Halloween. As for cooked foods, it seems all they have is ASDA Simple to Cook Halloween Beasty Burger, which is literally a burger with monster munch thrown in. I’m not sure they are even trying?


Krispy Skremes

Krispy Skremes - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

Krispy Crème have another terrifying selection of baked treats this year, meaning that even your office tea break can celebrate the macabre, in-between biscuits and tea. Look out for donuts decorated with Pumpkins, Spiders and Bats. It’s not the best selection they have ever had, but at least they are keeping up the tradition.



Halloween Bacardi

Bacardi  - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

If your going to be running round looking after little goblins this year, you may well want to treat yourself. Bacardi are here to help you. This Halloween, you can present your drinks in style as Bacardi have some spooky labels adorned on their bottles perfect for decorating your Party table or for a more private affair where you neck the entire bottle.



Warbootons - The Best UK Halloween Candy in 2021

It’s lovely to see the Halloween love spreading to other brands this year. You don’t often see Halloween decorated bread products, but Warbartons have swapped out their usual packaging for their haunting WarBOOtons range. With bats on Rolls and creepy pumpkins on their toastie bread, it’s a real winner this year.

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