IT Chapter 2 – What we Know so Far?

by | Sep 25, 2018

With IT Chapter 2 well underway, I noticed a lot of set photos leaking out into the greater Internets and I decided now would be a good time to break down what we know and what the set photos mean for the second part of Andy Muschietti horror adaption. 

So what do we know?

Filming returns to Port Hope, Ontario, where the little town has been once more been transformed into Stephen Kings fictional town of Derry. But it’s not just the town that makes a return, as the original losers from the 2017 film will also have a key part to play. Jaeden Lieberher (Young Bill Denbrough), Jack Dylan Grazer (Young Eddie Kaspbrak), Sophia Lillis (Young Beverly Marsh), Jeremy ray Taylor (Young Ben Hanscom), Finn Wolfhard (Young Richie Tozier), Chosen Jacobs (Young Mike Hanlon) and Wyatt Oleff (Young Stanley Uris) will all return for extra scenes which have now been confirmed to be flash backs for their adult counterparts. 


 Here we see Sophia Lillis and Jessica Chastain, who is playing the Adult Beverly Marsh, shooting together. I assume that this mash up of young and old Beverley can only be one of the flashback sequences that the film promises. And it’s all tied into Kings more crazy elements of his epic novel. a turtle called Maturin.


The Turtle

The next chapter will explore the relationship between the Losers and the other-worldly Turtle that is very prominent throughout Kings book. Andy Muschietti explained all about the benevolent god like creature to SyFy Wire

“The moment you introduce the element of IT, which is an interdimensional evil entity, the presence of the turtle comes with it, as a counterbalance. It doesn’t seem to play a big role, but the turtle is there. Like all mythologies, there’s a god of good and a god of evil. I didn’t want to use it as a fantastic character, but it’s hinted, every time the kids are in danger or something, I wanted to hint at the presence of the turtle…

In the book, they somehow address the turtle and say ‘the turtle couldn’t help us.’ But I think in the second part, the turtle will try to help them. In the second movie, the turtle left a few clues to their childhood that they don’t remember. They have to retrieve those memories from the summer of 1989, and that’s how we jump back to 1989. The keys to defeating to Pennywise are left in the past, and as adults, they don’t remember.”

So it’s very possible that the adult Losers will find themselves watching their younger counterparts revealing Maturins mark, through out the film. 


The Loser

Chastain also appeared on Muschietti’s instagram feed, covered in blood. But why or where she gets all messed up is unclear at this time. 



Besides Chastain, the actors filling in the rest of the adult Losers are James McAvoy (Bill), Bill Hader (Richie), Jay Ryan (Ben), James Ransone (Eddie), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike) and Andy Bean (Stanley).


Alongside the Losers, we’ll also be seeing more of Henry Bowers as Teach Grant has been cast as the adult version of the town bully. The new film will see him up the mental asylum, Juniper Hills, where he’ll play a part in Pennywises dark plans. So, his run-in with Mike Hanlon was not fatal. However, it does seem that Mike Hanlon is a littel worse for wear.

In an interview with EW Muschietti said..

“My idea of Mike in the second movie is quite darker from the book. I want to make his character the one pivotal character who brings them all together, but staying in Derry took a toll with him. I want him to be a junkie, actually. A librarian junkie. When the second movie starts, he’s a wreck.”



The titular IT also returns, with Bill Skarsgård repising his roll as ‘Pennywise the Dancing Clown’. The below set photo reveals a moment between takes, where Hader and Skarsgård rehears for the upcoming scene. The two Bill also enjoy a joke as the scene is set up.



In an interview with IGN at New York Comic Con, Skarsgård spoke about Pennywise and why we are in for a much darker envision of the trans-dimensional creature.

“The right way to do it is to make that movie actively different. … I think there might be worth exploring sort of the psychological aspects of horror, but also maybe the sort of cosmological existence of this being. What is he, and where does he come from?”

With Skarsgard hoping to take audiences on a “surrealistic sort of psychedelic trip”, it looks like the Loser could be in for a rough ride.


And another photo captures Skarsgård shooting a very prominent moment from the books, where Richie remembers being attacked by the giant Paul Bunyan statue. Beep Beep!


What Else?

We also know that a sequence from early on in the book, where a gay couple are attacked by homophobic drunks, will feature in the film. Taylor Fray and Xavier Dolan have been cast as the couple, whose encounter with IT will be the catalyst for the Losers return. The 2017 movie even had an Easter egg of this scene. When Patrick Hockstetter is attacked by IT , we see a balloon that says I (Heart) Derry, which is the same that appear to the couple, when IT attacks (And one of them is wearing a hat with the same slogan).

Beverley’s abusive husband Tom Rogan, will be played by Will Beinbrink and Bill’s actress wife, Audra Phillips, is played by Jess Weixler.

We also may see a lot of CUT content from the first film. Muschietti had already confirmed that a Directors Cut was in production, but it may be that they held off, seeing what footage they could use in the seconds chapter. 

When is IT out?

The sequel will officially be coming to the big screen on September 6th 2019, which is almost exactly two years on from the release of the first film. Understandably when you realise that the studio wanted to see if the first film made any money. Yep, it did. Over 700.4 million dollars, making IT one of the most profitably Horror films ever. 

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