Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. Following Syfy’s premier of Sharknado 3, the first trailer of Lavalantula finally made it’s way on screen. Now, I know what your thinking, the film sounds rubbish, but this film has an interesting twists, it’s cast. The cast of Police Academy! Not just any one either, but the four biggest stars. Steve Guttenberg (Carey Mahoney), Leslie Easterbrook (smoking hot Sgt. Callahan), Michael Winslow (Larvell Jones) and Marion Ramsey (Laverne Hooks) are reunited in this original Syfy production.

Set in the Santa Monica Mountains, where a set of ancient volcanoes erupt and spew out a bunch of giant tarantulas that breathe lava. It’s up to Guttenburg and crew to save the day!

I for one am stoked about this film, if only to see the old crew back together again. It’s encouraging to see that the network is creating such diverse and oddly concepted content. Keep it up Syfy! The world needs you!

The film will be airing soon! Trailer Below.


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