Looking At ‘The People Under the Stairs’ Reunion ‘Beneath Us All’

by | Jun 30, 2022

Director Harley Wallen and screenwriter Bret Miller have teamed up for a thrilling vampire flick that will reunite The People Under the Stairs actors Sean Whalen and Yan Birch. The pair played Under the Stairs folk Roach and Stairmaster in director Wes Craven’s more bizarre horror pieces.  

in the new film, 

“Julie is a foster child heading for her 18th birthday when she finds something buried in the woods with something unspeakable inside that changes her life forever.”

Shot in Lake Orion, Michigan, Beneath Us All begins as an epic Viking tale before transitioning over to a contemporary Maine (as subtle nod to Stephen King.) in a modern vampire film that will also star; Maria Olsen, Angelina Danielle Cama , Malachi Myles and Kaiti Wallen.

Whalen and Birch’s re-union also marks the 30th anniversary of The People Under the Stairs. Check out the trailer below and look out for the film as it hits the festival circuit in the near future. 


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