Neill Blomkamp drops from ‘RoboCop’

by | Aug 15, 2019

What the blooming hell is Blomkamp doing? The fickle film director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie)  seems to be hell bent on breaking hearts as he keeps up his fan disappointing run. Before he made District 9, Blomkamp teased fans with a Halo film, which then slumped into nothing. For almost a year he teased at a sequel to Aliens, posting artwork and confirming actors, only for us to find out the project was well off the table before it even started.  Now he’s done it again with RoboCop, the directed boasted that his sequel to the original MGM film, would continue the franchise , with a  full on “R” rated affair complete with actor Peter Weller and the original suit. However, Blomkamp took to twitter this morning to announce that he’s no longer involved with the project.

Blomkamp tweeted

“Off Robocop. I am shooting new horror/thriller and MGM can’t wait/need to shoot Robocop now. Excited to watch it in theaters with other fans.”

Whilst Blomkamp blames MGM, his president for teasing and then leaving projects, is disconcerting to say the least and he’s let a lot of fans down. However, it does sound like the project amy continue. As long as the directors involvement has not railroaded the entire production. 

“Come quietly or there will be trouble!”

Why he would take on a different project whilst involved in Robocop is anyone’s guess, but let’s hope it’s something that will blow everyone away, otherwise the director is going to find himself in sticky waters with production companies and fans alike. 


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