New Halloween movie will be ‘grounded in reality’

by | May 18, 2017

Still on the ropes after John Carpenter casually announced a new Halloween film for 2018, Danny McBride has been filling EW Radio on his plans for the Michael Myers.

The Eastbound & Down star says he will be rooting myers in ‘Reality’ in order to bring him back to the big screen. Halloween fans will know what McBride is talking about, as the from Halloween 4 onwards, things got a little weird. For one, Myers refused to die, after being stabbed, shot, burned and blown up, old mickey just kept bouncing back. ANd the there’s the whole ‘Thron’ story line, which try to explain why Myers is so hellbent on killing his family.

Danny McBtride and David Gordon Green

Moving away from the more sillier aspects of Halloween might just what the film series needs. McBride had this to say about joining David Gordon Green on the new Halloween.

“We’re having a blast with it. We just love that original Halloween. There’s something so scary about how simple it was. I had seen all the Halloween films. We really were studying all the sequels and stuff, just to see where it exactly it went wrong. It definitely kind of felt that, as the series went on, Michael Myers became like Frankenstein and he was like indestructible and I think the more indestructible he was, the less scary he became. And so David and I, our ambition is to strip it down and get it back to [being] grounded in reality, which I think makes it scarier.”

The new Halloween film is set for release Oct. 18, 2018.

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