Peter Weller Is Not Interested in ‘Robocop Returns’

by | Nov 22, 2018

After being denied the opportunity of creating an Aliens sequel, Neill Blomkamp jumped straight into another franchise reboot, Robocop. However, unlike the cast Aliens, such as Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn, who were happy to return to their roles, Robocop’s original actor, Peter Weller, is not up for a return.

Robocop Returns will be set a year after the first film, erasing the sequels and TV series that came after, but the big question is, who will be the titular hero? Peter Weller, who’s career exploded after stepping into the large shoes of Officer Alex Murphy in 1987’s Robocop, has chosen not to be a part of the new film. The actor’s representatives confirmed to SuperBroMovies that Weller would not be returning to the role despite Blomkamp teasing fans that he would.

After a fan tweeted to the director asking who should play RoboCop in his next instalment, Blomkamp made it clear that Weller was his choice. That doesn’t appear to be in the cards as the 71-year-old actor has chosen not to return.



Whilst this is sad, It would not be a huge loss as Robocop does spend an awful lot of time in his helmet. So Whilst Weller has bowed out, I doubt this will set the movie back at all. As they say in the theatre, he show must go on…creep!

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