Pinhead And The Chatterer Join ‘Dead by Daylight’!

by | Sep 8, 2021

They may just tear your soul apart. As we reported recently, Pinhead was added to the Dead By Daylight test build, adding to the games already amazing horror cast. Well the box is now open, Pinhead is finally available to all players, along with a skin that turns him into fellow Cenobite Chatterer.  

Joining the killer ranks of Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Kruger, Ghost Face and Jigsaw, Elliot Spencer, or “The Cenobite”, is the latest playable killer in the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. Sadly, this expansion does not include a survivor or map, but his unique game play mechanics and chilling memento mori animations are worth the cost.

Head on over to Steam from now until September 20th and you’ll be able to pick up Dead by Daylight for half price. Many of the additional DLC’s are also on discount, so grab them whilst they are on sale. If you have yet to grab hold of the Stranger Things DLC, or any of the cool costumes, do it now, as this pack is going soon, and it wont be coming back. Whilst the Stranger Things map will be gone for good, you’ll get to keep your playable characters. 

Check out the videos below. 

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