‘Portrait of a Murder’ is the New Chapter for ‘Dead By Daylight’

by | Nov 10, 2021

Behaviour Interactive has revealed from the fog the next chapter of Dead by Daylight. This brand new original chapter looks set to the last to drop this year. Named Portrait of a Murder, Chapter 22 will feature a new Killer, survivor and a new map, the first new map we’ve seen since June’s Resident Evil Chapter. 

The new chapter is an artistic ode to fear and darkness set in a surreal interpretation of an abandoned graveyard in the Chilean desert. It will introduce the new killer The Artist and Chilean painter Carmina Mora. The Artist has the abilities to summon dire crows, which can injure players and alert their where-abouts on the map. The artist also comes packed with some powerful abilities aimed at reducing progress for the survivors. Carmina also comes with some cool tools in tow, including an ability that paints a totem with a healing boon that allows players to self-recover from the dying state. 

Creative director Dave Richard wrote

“Portrait of a Murder is Dead by Daylight going back to its roots: an original story and universe, set in mystery, dark fantasy and fear… The new characters are also unique and diverse, which is part of our DNA, and representative of our player base.”

Portrait of a Murder is due out this month and will be availed on Microsoft Store, Steam and Stadia, and on consoles (PlayStation, Xbox and Switch). Or you can pop on over to the PTB and try you hand at thee new characters and map. 

Also, Dead by Daylight will be added to the Epic Games Store in December, along side all expansions.


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