Director Steven Spielberg is currently in negotiations with Universal to take over distribution and possible financing of DreamWorks film projects after their deal with Disney runs out in August 2016. DreamWorks’ films are marketed and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under its Touchstone Pictures banner, but with this deal set to expire, with no plans of a renewal, this deal with Universal could see some of Universals back catalogue be in line for a reboot, with films such as Jaws and Back to future mentioned by name.

However, we know that Back to Future wont be touched, as contracts Robert Zemeckis and Gale made with Universal  in 1984 , guarantee that they have the big say on any future films in the series, for LIFE! And Zemeckis has said that he will die before they remake Back to The Future.

Jaws , however, is a different kettle of fish. Whilst Spielberg did turn down the opportunity to be part of the Jaws sequels, he does not seem too disposed to the idea of future films.

Spielberg’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG, which is due to be released next July, will likely to be the final film to be released under the Disney deal.

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