Sam Raimi Wants More Evil Dead Movies With Bruce Campbell

by | Mar 14, 2023

Load your boom sticks and gas up your chainsaws, it looks like Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi is not done with Bruce Campbell, even if the chinned star himself has “retired” from playing Ash Willaims.  

“I hope that is on the cards eventually.”

Just last week, Raimi took to a twitter AMA where one fan asked him if he would ever return to the Spider-Man or Evil Dead franchises, to which he replied.

“I would return to direct or write for any of those franchises if I could. I loved my experiences on all sets and have a great relationship with my partners on EVIL DEAD, SPIDERMAN, and DR. STRANGE 2. Each could be a very exciting experience for me creatively.”

This whole conversation about the future of the series is clearly fresh on his mind, because he has once again addressed it in an interview with Empire, promoting the up-coming Evil Dead Rise. When asked about the 2013 Evil Dead reboot, he spoke of the original plan to meld the two series together.

“That character, Mia, was great, so I was very interested… We had been talking about an ‘Evil Dead IV’ for the other branch of that universe, and we were worried a little bit about a collision. Ash Vs Evil Dead is what that morphed into. But I always thought there was room for both. I still think there’s room for all sorts of Evil Dead movies. I don’t think they cancel each other out.”

Raimi is particularly interested in reuniting with Campbell and producer Rob Tapert, who has been involved in the Evil Dead series since the very first film back in 1981. 

“I love working with Bruce and Rob,” Raimi says. “I love it as a producer because they’re really good partners, but I also like being supported by them as the director. So I hope that is on the cards eventually.”

It does seem that Raimi is taking the idea of more Evil Dead very seriously, lets just hope that Campbell also feels the same way, other wise we may not get any more Ashy Slashy anytime soon.


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