Scare Share News: Blue Sharks & Broken Feet

by | Jan 29, 2018

How’s your weekend Horror Fans? Almost through the first month of the year and we bring you another round up of some top flight news to get your week going. Let us look at sharks, toons and broken feet! Hazzar….

Deep Blue Sea 2 – Trailer

A sequel to the shark thriller Deep Blue sea is edging its way onto  DVD & Blu-Ray very soon with its first trailer appearing over the weekend, you can check-out the trailer below!

Jigsaw Wont Battle Freddy!

19 Confirmed Horror Films for 2017 - Saw: Legacy - OCTOBER 20th

Tobin bell says that he’s not interested in a cross over movie with the likes of Micheal Myers or Jason Voorhees. The saw star shared his thoughts in an interview with, and says he’s just doesn’t see it ever happening.

“This question comes up because people are fascinated by Freddy Krueger and, you know, the chainsaw guy, and I’m not terribly familiar with their backstories, or with those franchises, so I don’t know where the connection might be, but people are fascinated with that kind of thing”


Cruising on a Broken Foot

Tom Cruise appeared on the Graham Norton show, promoting his next Mission Impossibly film. The star brought along some gruesome footage of an accident that broke his foot and shut down the films production for six weeks. Nasty Stuff! You’ve got to take your hat off to the 55 year old star for still doing all his own stunts in his films. 


A Proper Robocop Sequel Is In The Works


Studio MGM are exploring ways to get back to that past version of murdered cop turned cyborg Alex Murphy for a Robocop sequel.  Ed Neumeier, who wrote the script for the 1987 film, had this to say.

“It’s nice that people are still interested in RoboCop and they have me working on a new one at MGM right now so maybe we’ll get another one out of it. We’re not supposed to say too much. There’s been a bunch of other RoboCop movies and there was recently a remake, and I would say this would be kind of going back to the old RoboCop we all love and starting there and going forward. So it’s a continuation really of the first movie, in my mind. So it’s a little bit more of the old school thing.”

Doctor Sleep Shines On

Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan is now set to direct Doctor Sleep, an adaptation of the 2013 King novel, after his success with Gerald’s Game in 2017. Deadline reports that the film is being fast tracked due King’s popularity and the success with IT (2017). Flanagan will rewrite the script originally adapted by Akiva Goldsman and will continue the story of Danny Torrance as he battles his own demons in adult life. 

Pinky and The Brain do Silence of the Lambs 

I always like to end on something fun. Voice actors Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche reenacted the scene from Silence of the Lambs, where Agent Starling first meets Dr. Hannibal Lecter, but in their Pinky and the Brain voices. This is just wicked!

Keep an eye out for more news and entertainment right here folks! At the place where Horror-Entertainment is home… Horror.Land!!!

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