((Update) Looks Like Katheryn Winnick got into a spot of trouble as she has since removed all the images in which she tagged #thedarktower including the picture of her trailer. )

Filming of the  the Dark Tower is well underway, with new cast member actress Katheryn Winnick leaking the shooting destination via her instagram page. Sharing a few sneaky snaps and a video, the actress has tagged herself in Cape Town, South Africa. What? Yep..it would seem that instead of shooting in the US for the New York scenes, they have flown the entire cast out to Africa. The Gunslinger encounters many characters and places in new york, including the abandoned lot on the corner of Second and Forty-Sixth, a bunch of vampires and an antique books salesman named Tower. It’s a hugely important setting for the series, and it’s odd that they would have chosen to film it outside of the city itself.

We still do not know who Katherine is playing, and in the image below, she carefully covers her name plate so as not to spoil the surprise.

Katheryn will be joining be joining Matthew McConaugheyIdris ElbaTom Taylor and others for the first part of Stephen King’s epic series. The film is starting in the middle of the story, meaning that fans of the book may be left a little annoyed, as huge chunks of the plot is abandoned. 

The Dark Tower will be released in theaters on Feb. 17, 2017.

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