Warning signs Dark Tower fans, it seems like the film adaptation could be rushing ahead in the story, maybe even skipping events from the first four books. How awful would that be? Anyhow, before we move ahead, there are MAJOR SPOILERS from the books and probably films here.. you have been warned.

Jackie Earle Haley

Lets start with the first bit of casting news. Jackie Earle Haley has been cast as Richard Patrick Sayre. Sayre is a high-ranking can-toi (low man) and a member of the Sombra Corporation. He pops up in three of the seven books starting with the Wolves of the Calla, where he is in charge of a bunch of vampires. He has one cool feature, a pool of blood on his forehead that never spills over.

Fran Kranz 

The next cast member to be announced is Fran Kranz, who has signed on to play Pimli Prentiss. Can’t quite remember him? He was the man put in charge of the prison where the breakers were kept. Basically he’s a glorified warden.

So Why on earth would a characters from the sixth and seventh book be showing up in the first film? I’m hoping that Pimili’s appearance  is a brief introduction, maybe to build on the character for a more dramatic show down at the end? His character in the film has been been described as being “the right-hand man of the Man in Black” so it sound slike they may be taking a few liberties. Sayre is more explainable, being that he exists in the real world as a businessman. As the film is going to be based mostly there (yep no dessert .. that’s all gone), it would make sense to see him.

The more news I hear, the more worried I get. I really want to see a proper adaption of the books, but I guess money and scheduling is going to prevent that. The Dark Tower will be out next year!

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