‘The Stands’ Captain Trips Hits Vancouver

by | Oct 30, 2019

“visible graphic content including dead bodies, trash & debris”

**Updated 31/10/2019**

Anyone in the city of Vancouver this week, may well have witnessed the end of the world, as the new CBS All Access adaptation of The Stand starts filming. The official twitter account of Vancouver warned that shooting taking place may well have some very disturbing scenes, as dead bodies, debris and even gun fire may be seen and heard during production. For anyone wondering what the new superfly victims might look like…prepare to have a little sneak peak.



  The Stand is a novel by Stephen King, which tells the story of a superflu epidemic (Captain Trips), which quickly sweeps across the planet and wipes out most of the population. A handful of survivors emerge from the rotting world to find themselves haunted by dreams of a little old lady up in Nebraska and a dark man in cowboy boots heading west. Drawn by these two figures, the surviving members of society must come together to fight for survival. Good against evil. The superflu is a pretty nasty bugger that is a strain of influenza that is extremely contagious and resistant to antibodies or vaccines. As it progresses, Captain Trips causes increasingly-worse fever, headaches, crippling physical pain, swelling, and delirium, before the victims choke to death. The Province have posted our first glimpse of a victim (below) along with some of the chaos that falls in it’s path.   'The Stands' Captain Trips Hits Vancouver - Horror News - Horror Land   'The Stands' Captain Trips Hits Vancouver - Horror News - Horror Land And more came online as people took to twitter…    



The new show will be a 10 part series with a cast that includes James Marsden, Heather Graham, Amber Heard, Alexander Skarsgård and Whoopi Goldberg, among many more. The show airs in 2020.


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