Say what you may about the sequels and TV series that spawned from the original 1990 film, but there’s something about the series that keeps the coffers rolling in. And as an early incentive to get excited about the 5th chapter of the franchise, named Bloodline,  Universal Pictures have released a series of stills from the film. No graboids just we wait with baited breath!

Taking place in South Africa, Burt Gummer, once again played by series staple Michael Gross, returns to battle Graboids and Ass Blasters. Along for the ride is a tech-savvy newcomer named Travis Welker, played by Scream star Jamie Kennedy.

There were rumors no more than a few months back, that Kevin Bacon had shown interest in reprising his role as Valentine “Val” McKee, but it’s clear that he certainly will not be gracing the direct to video sequel, due to be released in October.

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