Tremors 7 is Shooting in 2019

by | Dec 14, 2018

The horror genre is filled to the brim with films series that run on longer than anyone expected, but most have fallen foul to the dreaded remake or reboot, especially in recent years. Throughout these turbulent times horror fans can always rely on the Tremors series to keep the straight and narrow. Whilst a new Kevin Bacon led TV series fell through this year, good old Burt Gummer keeps those candles burning. And burn brightly they do, as Gummer actor Michael Gross, took to Facebook to announce that he’s just signed on for a seventh film, that starts shooting next year.

Gross has appeared in every single film produced and a short lived TV series, back in 2003. Whilst Bacon was the big name slapped on the original film, Gross has been the central character since the third film Tremors 3: Back to Perfection in 2001. Whilst Burt Gummer may have started out as a smaller character, his love for big guns and explosives made him the perfect fit for fighting Graboids, Shriekers and Ass-Blaster, and his fan base have kept him knee deep in Tremors ever since.

Expect this one to go straight to DVD/Blu-ray and VOD at some point next year! 


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