Whilst I was hoping that some random dream would reveal the secret location of the Twin Peaks themed immersive evening “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” , the secret locale was sadly delivered via email, rather than on a silver tray held by a dancing midget. This said, the mysterious lynchian style event provided enough entertainment and mystery to leave me craving more.


The London based evening provides a 3 course dinner and a bar all themed around the classic 90’s drama. But lets face it, we were not there for the food or drink, we were there to be part of something very special. We were there to visit a little slice of Twin Peaks. The building is a bizarre hybrid of different locations from the show. Spilling into one another like some weird dream, you can walk from the Double R Diner, into the The Great Northern Hotel. Or Find yourself in Harold Smith indoor garden before being swallowed up by the nightmare corridor that is the Black Lodge. Each set is carefully designed and filled with little details that make the entire evening like some sort of adult treasure hunt. From pictures hanging on the wall to Leo Johnson’s wheel chair, just tucked to the side of the stage. Blink and you may miss something.

Harold's Garden!

The real treat is the actors hired to portray the folks of Twin Peaks, from hapless Andy Brennan (Sellotape included) to the Log Lady (Log included). Whilst we explored the satin lined corridor of the nightmare Black Lodge, the curtains parted and Laura Palma stood before us, her eyes white, her face fixed in a deathly stare. It was a bizarre moment of fictional crossover, as she slowly walked over and whispered secrets in our ears.


But for me, the most impacting moment came when I found myself alone and face to face with a body, wrapped in plastic. An ominous buzzing was coming from the low lighting in the room, no more than a long corridor, but at it’s rear lay the table and it’s occupant. It was a chilling momet and one i’ll always remember.

Wrapped In Plastic!

The entire evening was a mad crazy tour into a world that we have seen in a long time, it was a real trip down memory lane. It reminded me of just how great a world David Lynch created, and just how popular the show really is.  With the TV series returning in 2017, it’s a great opportunity to revisit this mysterious yet compelling world.

‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’ will run from Aug 27 to Oct 17, and tickets are on sale from this Friday, July 17 here.

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