Spoilers for Walking Dead Series 6 Episode 7 “Heads up”

Walking Dead Series 6

Hey you. Dumbass. Yeah, you under the dumpster. Cozy in there?

So AMC have kept us guess on Glen’s fate for the last four weeks. Even going as far as removing actor Steven Yeun‘s from the credits. As far as cast and crew were telling, Glen was gone. But of course, the rumors ran rife, especially when photos appearing of Yeun on set with an, as yet, unfamiliar character. This left fans split on whether or not Glen was dead or alive. And when The Hollywood Reporter asked Executive Producer Scott Gimple about Glenn, he would not give them a straight answer.

“In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story,”

Walking Dead Series 6 Episode 7
Within seconds of the opening moments of episode 7, we knew. As many had speculated, it was Nicholas’ body that was disembowel, pinning Glen on to the ground. Dragging himself under the dumpster, Glen hid from the mass of walkers, as they gnawed on corpse of his enemy/protégé. AMC had been trolling us. As the credits roll up on screen, with Steven Yeuns name restored and getting second billing to Andrew Lincoln, I can only imagine that the showrunners were rubbing their hands and laughing maniacally.

So Glen is alive, a little battered but still trying to save the world one person at a time, this week with runaway Enid. Her line “Heads up”, as she chucks glen a bottle of water, is where the title of this episode originates. With Glen and Enid heading back to the Alexandria, the folks inside the town are fighting their own smaller battles. With Maggie playing watchdog, and Morgan under scrutiny, nobody notices as troublesome Ron steals bullets from the pantry. It looks as if he has it in for whinny Carl. Lets face it, if he went, the show would not be any worse off. 
Season 6 Walker
As always, the shows ends on a cliff hanger, with the town once again vulnerable to attack, as one of the walls is crushed by the damaged watchtower, as it topples over into the town.

I think I speak for everyone, when I say that I spent the first half just happy to see Glen again, everything else was just filler, but the episode did manage to open up a few new story lines, and increase the tension ten-fold. With trouble inside and out, next weeks mid season finale is going to be explosive.


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