Watch the Four Minute prologue for Alien: Covenant

by | Feb 23, 2017

You know what, I’m still not over how disappointing Prometheus was. It promised so much and delivered so little. Has enough time passed to heal the old wounds? can we start to feel excited about a nother Aliens film? Well if this new clip from Alien: Covenant anything to go by, I’d say start getting your HYPE on. 

Titled Last Supper, this four minute video is a massive nod to Alien (1979), complete with dinner banter, good cheer and a little choking! The four-minute video serves as a prologue to the events of the movie, introducing all the characters that have embarked on the Covenant, as part of a colonist team. 

Great to see the cast all coming together, especially more serious rolls from James Franco as a captain and Danny McBride (who seems to be taking embracing horror recently

Alien: Covenant is out in theaters on May 19th and you can catch the clip below.


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