The Ghostbusters trailer has only been out for 24 hours, but it’s already massed 7 million hits. But the disturbing figure is the amount of dislikes it has collected, with 128k thumbs down, sony execs should start sweating a little. Taking a look at the comments you can see that fans of the original films are not pleased!

Sony, go home you drunk

The wig. The ghetto black chick. The licking of the proton gun. The slapping. Jesus Christ…this looks fucking horrific.


Jesus, Sony. Just go bankrupt already.

this looks more like a saturday night live skit, than a serious reboot

Maybe if you in drunk enough it’ll be good? I’ll give it a shot.

Looking at the dislikes im guessing this is a Justin Bieber music video?

how am i suppose to fap to this?

truly these are end times. they couldnt even get the music right

The only thing I found funny about this was the $154 million dollars you plebs spent to make this flop.

Is this a parody or they actually gonna release this sheeeit?!?!?!?!

Dear feminists who seriously need to grow a stem before assuming: People don’t hate the film because they changed the genders People hate the film because it looks like a diarrhea dump came out of AVGN’s pet buffalo’s anus

why does america hate women and black people so much?

This is the fucking worst thing I have ever seen in my 29 years on this earth. Im literally about to fucking puke.

So let’s bury the gem and dig up a turd. Great.

These comments are pretty fucking horrible. I think i’ll hold off judgement until I see the movie.

Not everyone hates it!

Looks better than expected. More enjoyable than the overdramatic hatred pfft


I’m not a Ghostbusters fan but I LOVE this. The trailer looks AMAZING, imo. And I’m gonna watch the movie JUST because of the CAST.

for those who dislike this movie, i, to be honest, too don’t really think that this movie will be like super awesome or something, but hey, at least the new soundtrack remix is dope, which is nice 😀

Don’t care what haters are going to say but this movie is awesome to me I love the part when the black woman says “Aw HELL NAW the devil is a LIAR” XDDD

wow okay these looks awesome!. I come here and almost didn’t see it because of the comments but what the hell? it’s looks awesome! and lmao there was a funny part too. I didn’t get all the hate this basically the same style/spirit/delivery as the previous GB…. oh well maybe the hate come from purist (original lover love to hate any sequel)

And there is even some serious discussions.

“30 years ago, 4 scientists saved New York” So – Ray, Peter and Egon… Who was the 4th? Winston had no background in Science. Well done for doing research into the movie youre remaking/sequeling, trailer.

Is this gonna lead on to a whole parallel universe thing for the sequel? Where it turns out this is just a different universe where the Ghostbusters happen 30 years into the future and they are all women.

All the white women of the crew are brilliant scientists but the black is totally dumb and talk like a man ? That’s a movie to boycott for the terrible scenario and for the obvious racism.

The tone is all wrong here. These women seem way too nice, quirky, neurotic, and sweet. Im waiting for the scene where they all go shopping at Kohl’s and pull out the coupons. Geez…. I thought they were gonna be way more serious, but the film seems more interested in quirky comedy and not enough on action and suspense, like they’re aiming this toward little girls for the sake of feminism. The original wasnt really aimed at little boys for little boy’s sake, or even at kids, it just did what it wanted and became loved by everyone all around.

ok, i am really concern for this movie, like was never against the idea of a all female crew never was. What i am against is it seems like an Adam Sandler slapstick humor mixed in with CGI vomit. Like even though the old ghost busters had cgi and comedy it kept it a bit gritty to show realism to relate to the characters and the cgi was a bit more fadey back than like an actual ghost not some neon xmas tree. So right now it looks really scary right now, which seems a bit odd for Paul Fieg cause his last three films as director were fairly good. So lets just hope the next one gives a bit more hope, cause right now it might be the biggest flop of the year.

Well… this looks like another generic, boring and down right bland movie remake, featuring the usual stereotypes, such as trailer blackouts accompanied by bass noise to make the film seem exciting, terrible special effects, horrible acting, and last but not least, the almighty generic sassy black woman.

It looks different. Let’s be honest you cannot have the same response you had 30 years ago and it’s only natural to change some elements but it seems fresh. I’m not saying that it doesn’t seem like a ghostbusters parody at the moment but I’m willing to give it a chance. What I hope is that it will be a good kind of comedy and not the franchise exploitation for an under mediocre silly comedy. We will see, me for once will watch it and then rate this movie.

People wtf is wrong with u stop hating the movie because it’s played by woman this is sexism. Wat u don’t understand is the movies doesn’t have a good script so either away isn’t going to be that good so played by woman or men the movie isn’t gonna be good. SO STOP HATING THE WOMAN IN THE MOVIE BECAUSE THIS IS SEXISM

With only 80k likes, the Ghostbusters movie is getting a real battering. Whether it’s the gender change, the cast or the sepcial effects, fans are not happy and they letting Sony know!

Check out some screen shoots and trailer from the film below and don’t forget to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. Let us know how you feel about the upcoming movie.


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