Terror Vision – The Supernatural TVs

Terror Vision – The Supernatural TVs

by | Feb 9, 2016

Back in August 2015 , An 18-year study of 86,000 people found that the more television you watch, the greater the risk of suffering a pulmonary embolism. Yep, TV is literally killing you. This study got us thinking, are TV’s really that dangerous? We looked at the world of horror to find the TV’s that were doing real damage. No need to to sit around for 18 years, no need for 86K people, these TV’s did the job within the space of a single film.  These are the TV’s that killed, maimed and terrorized the viewers. Terror Vision – The Supernatural TV’s


Nightmare on Elmstreet : Dream Warriors – Prime Time

Terror TV - Nightmare on Elm Street

Never one to miss out on a witty one liner, Freddy Kruger performs a killer SET piece, when he gives Jennifer an extreme close up! The budding actress get her wish to be big in Television, she’s literally inserted into it by the master of dreams. It’s explosive and shocking, but one hell of a way to go! Try explaining that one as suicide!

TerrorVision – Hungry Beast

Terror TV - Terror Vision
The Putterman family get more than they bargained for when their DIY Satellite picks up a signal that contains a hungry digitized alien.  Travelling through the TV, The beast gets a great RECEPTION with a smorgasbord of snacks including, Grandpa, Mum, Dad and their swinger friends. The only way to defeat the creature is to smash the televisions, but who could do that when the busty Medusa is on?

V/H/S – Tape 56

Terror TV - VHS

Something odd is going on in the world of V/H/S, where the tapes contain disturbing tales, which play if you want them too or not. A bunch of criminals discover this when they break into a house to steal a single VHS videotape. With a corpse sat in a chair surrounded by static playing TV’s, it’s clear that something weird is going on. The criminals become victim from supernatural forces, as after another disappear whilst watching the disturbing tapes. Sitting too close too these screens might not damage your eyes, it sure will suck out your soul!

Demons 2 – Happy Birthday Sally

Terror TV - Demons 2

It’s Sally birthday, and she’s throwing a big party in her parents new flat. But her TV is on the fritz, as she appears to be picking up some dead air. Either she’s got the worlds first fully 3D TV, or thats a demon bursting it’s way through her set. One thing is for sure, this party is going to be KILLER!

Video Dead – Zombie Blood Nightmare

Terror TV - The Video Dead

The best things in life are free, unless its a mysterious television that only plays a never-ending Zombie film. This demonic TV has something evil living inside, a bunch of angry Zombies, looking to escape their endless nightmare. Maybe it’s to do with the TV not having a remote, or the fact that the set is black and white, but these zombies are pissed off. Stuck in a state between life and death, the zombies kill humans out of envy. The only way to stop the undead is with a well placed mirror and a strong resolve.

Shocker – Pinker

Terror TV - Shocker When serial killer Horace Pinker is sentenced to death, he makes a “deal with the devil” and his soul is corrupted through a television. Once Pinker is electrocuted, he becomes pure energy and uses TVs to continue his evil rampage. With Pinker in charge of your viewing pleasure, he may just CANCEL your favorite shows.


Terror TV - Videodrome

Looking for something that will break through to a new audience, Max Renn discovers something dark, disturbing and horrifying, Videodrome. Depicting the brutal torture and murder of anonymous victims. The show corrupts it’s viewers, giving fatal brain tumours to “lowlifes” fixated on extreme sex and violence. The result is twisted hallucinations that bend the victims perceptions of reality. Extreme television for the white knuckle generation of thrill seekers.

Poltergeist – Spooks

Terror TV - Poltergeist

The Freeling Family terrifying experience start with the family’s TV , when young Carol Anne fixates on the static that plays off broadcast. With ghostly hands and whispered voices, this set is transmitting something more than just re-runs off The Littlest Hobo. When Carol Anne disappears, it is from within the TV that they find her voice, added to the whisper of the dead.

The Ring – Well Girl

Terror Tv - The Ring

If you ever watched Lassie, you learn that young kids fall down wells all the time. When Samara ends up down one, she corrupts a video tape, so that it kills you within seven days of watching. I’d like to see how Lassie would bark out that message. The dead girl uses her supernatural powers to emerge, dripping black water, from the viewers TV. THe victims are found frightened to death, after they are shown the “Ring”.

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