The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

by | Mar 16, 2018

There is no finer example of Dracula than that of Christopher Lee and Hammer Horror.  Lee’s suave and seductive count is terrifying as he is alluring, and yet his imprint on the world of horror is a bloody and devastating one. Dracula leaves a wave of bloody bodies in his wake, devastating family and villages without even a second thought. We look at some of his most goriest victims, in a darker look at the Prince of Darkness. The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula.


Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)


Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell – Alan Kent

Alan Kent - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

Alan Kent is brutally murdered by Dracula’s servant Kolve, who strings Alan up above a crypt filled with Dracula’s ashes, and slits his throat. As Alans blood pours and spurts from his throat, it mixes with the ashes and resurrects Dracula in a horrific transformation that brings the Prince of Darkness to life once more.


Barbara Shelley – Helen Kent

Helen Kent - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

The Victim of Dracula’s deadly bite, Helen Kent transforms into a Vampire, but it’s at the hands of her family and friends that she meets her second death. Father Sandor captures the undead girl and drives a steak deep into her heart, followed by a bright red gush of visceral gore. Just another victim of Dracula’s curse.




Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968)


Gisela Heinz

Gisela Heinz - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

With the discovery of a body in an East European village bell tower, Gisela Heinz becomes yet another victim of Count Dracula. The girl bares the marks of a vampires bite on her neck, brusied and covered in blood. This is not the only befoulment to happen to the young girl, as her corpse is desecrated under Dracula’s orders. Under his evil control, a priest digs up her coffin and dumps her rotting body on the road, so that Dracula can use her casket.



Scars of Dracula (1970)


Village Girl

Village Girl - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

When Dracula Rises from the grave, he begins to feed on the local villagers. The Scars of Dracula opens with another victim, a young village girl, being carried home by her farther. The large and bloody bite marks of a vampire clear on her pale neck.



Villagers - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

The villages react to Dracula’s return by burning down his castle. But when they return, they find every single woman and child in the village has been slaughtered in the church by giant vampire bats. The bloody and chaotic scene another to turn even the bravest man meek. Meanwhilst, Dracula sleeps safely in the stone crypt of the burning castle.


Patrick Troughton – Klove

Klove - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

The vampire’s servant Klove, is a pathetic and weak man, who bends to Dracula’s every whim. Those his actions are often reward with brutal punishment, such that he shows off throughout The Scars of Dracula. His back is covered in bloody marks and burns.


Michael Gwynn – Priest

Priest - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

Convinced to take on Dracula onc emore, the Village Priest makes his way to Castle Dracula, where he meets a most bloody end. The Priest is attacked by a giant vampire bat, that savages the mans face and hands, killing him in a vicious and gory attack.


Christopher Matthews  – Paul Carlson

Paul Carlson - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

Trapped inside Dracula’s Castle, Paul tries to escape by climbing down to a lower window using tied-together bed curtains. However, he finds himself inside Count’s chamber where he meets a grisly end. Paul’s brother find’s his bloody corpse hanging from a spike in the stone walled chamber. His neck baring the signs that Dracula feasted on him before his death.





Dracula A.D. (1972)


Caroline Munro – Laura Bellows

Laura Bellows - The Goriest Victims of Hammer’s Dracula

After participating in the resurrection of Dracula, Laura Bellows becomes one of the first victims of the newly risen prince of darkness. Covered in blood from the ritual, Dracula bites down deep on the woman’s neck, mixing her blood with the foul mixture running down her chest.  His first victim in a new age…and certainly not his last.


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