The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games!

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games!

by | May 15, 2020

Base building games can be some of the most satisfying to play. From the carefully planning to the slow but steady building process, watching your base grow from nothing into a sprawling city can be extraordinarily gratifying. However, there is always one fly in the ointment, and it usually comes in the form of some giant beasty, with dripping fangs and twenty eyes. And that what we are looking at today, the worst things you can face whilst building you base. Here are The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games

Factorio – Behemoth Biter

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games - Factorio - Behemoth Biter

Factorio began development in 2012 by the Prague-based Wube Software and has enjoyed a massive 1,500,000 units sold as early access. Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories, whilst fending off the native inhabitants of the extra-terrestrial world. As your factory gets bigger, the more pollution is created and the bigger and tougher the arthropod creatures get. Biters are the most common kind of creature that will be nipping at your heels, and their greatest strength is their numbers, which increase thanks to organic nests that pop up throughout the map. But the most loathed of Biters is the largest form called a Behemoth Biter, which is immune to small fire arms and has a ridiculously large amount of health. Being faced with even one of these can be struggle unless you’ve got a lot of defenses in place to bring this beast down.


Minecraft – Creeper

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games - Mine Craft – Creeper

One of the most feared/loved creations that have spawned from Minecraft is the Creeper. This explosive enemy is the result of a coding error that put a pig standing vertically rather than horizontally. Creator Markus “Notch” Persson was so struck by the appearance of the upright pig that he transformed it into the world’s most unique enemy. The Creeper only appears at night and is completely silent in its approach. It’s this stealthy nature of the creature that bring so much frustration to players, as when the Creeper gets close to the players it explodes, with only a short hissing noise being a warning of the impending explosion. Many players have had awesome structures ravaged by a rogue Creeper, and it’s made them infamous in the gaming world.


Subnautica – Reaper Leviathan

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games - Factorio - Behemoth Biter

Subnautica is an amazing relaxing game that plops you onto an ocean planet with nothing but a small survival pod for company. You have to craft and build a base that can sustain you on this water planet. The games story pushes you further afield and eventually deeper into the darkness of the oceans, as you explore caves and caverns for resources. Despite the laid back nature of the game, the planet is alive with fish, squid and sharks, with many of them looking to make a meal out of you. But the most terrifying creatures come in the form of huge Leviathan that can rip your crafted vehicles to pieces. The most feared of these are the Reaper Leviathan, who’s chilling calls is usually followed by an “jump out of your skin” attack that is just about the scariest thing that could happen at 10 thousand feet below sea level.


Satisfactory – Elite Stinger

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games – Satisfactory - Reaper Leviathan

Satisfactory is a simulation game created by Coffee Stain Studios. For many gamers, it’s the 3D version of Factorio that we had all been waiting for. As an engineer, the player is dropped onto an alien planet with a handful of tools and left to harvest natural resources and construct increasingly complex factories. To throw a gentle spanner in the works is a handful of native inhabitants that don’t like you being there. Most of these flora and fauna are easily dealt with, especially of you just take to the skies and create huge sky-scraping factories. But that doesn’t make some of the more creepy looking critters any less scary when they attack. The spider like Stingers are fast little sods that’ll jump up and bite you on the ass when you least expect it. They are not alone, however, with bigger and badder versions know as Elites popping up to give you nightmares. They creepy, crawly and damn fast.


Don’t Starve – Frog Rain

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games – Don’t Starve - Frog Rain

There are many critters and creatures in Klei Entertainment’s epic survival game Don’t Starve, but one of the most feared of creatures comes in the form of a weather phenomenon. Whilst your scramble to build yourself a safe shelter and food supply, you no doubt encounter the odd frog. Theses easily aggravated amphibians are no real problem to handle one on one, but when the game throws a whole swarm at you, it’s time to panic. In the adventure mode and in the Reign of Giants DLC, Frogs can rain from the sky, during Spring, in great numbers. It might not sound like a big deal, but things can easily get out of hand when your surrounded by angry Kermit’s looking for blood. 


There are Billions – Infected Giant

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games – There are Billions - Infected Giant

If your looking for city building game with a real challenge, look no further than Numantian Games post-apocalyptic steampunk real-time strategy survival, There are Billions. The game sets you in a steam punk inspired world that has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. It’s your job to build a city, increase your army and keep the entire thing protected from the constant waves of ever growing undead. There are many different types of undead wandering around, but one of those could really ruin your day is the Infected Giant. One of these humongous creatures is placed on the outskirts of every map, and a handy symbol on the mini map clearly points out where these behemoth is. If you forget to keep an eye on the Giants location, a misplaced pull might just see your unprepared city decimated in one foul swoop. The Infected Giant has one of the largest hit points in the game and can take out multiply units in one swipe of it’s arms. However, you want to bring this beast down before the final wave, or you could be looking at a really sticky end, as this beast burst through your defenses like they were made of paper.


Rimworld – Centipede

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games – Rimworld – Centipede

Rimworld is an indie top-down construction and management simulation game by Ludeon Studios. It started life as Kickstarter and was officially released in 2018. There are multiple modes, but the games main basis is the same, to build a base that can sustain and protect a group of settlers. Whilst it might sound like a pretty familiar styled game, Rimworld sets itself apart by being extraordinarily  harsh against the player. The game will throw ever growing challenges at you, from raiders to crazed animals, each challenges requires a little thinking and some blood and sweat from your colonists. It might be lighting storm setting fire to your base or a colonist gone mad and smashing up your communication equipment. Or, if the game really hates you, it will through a bunch of robotic Centipede at you. These hostile creations have huge amounts of health, are armed to the teeth and generally are a major pain in the but, especially for early settlements that are not ready to fight back against them.


Rust – Other Players

The Nastiest Monsters of Base Building Games – Rust – Other Players

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios. The full game was released in 2018, but even in it’s early access, the game was highly controversial due to it’s actually depiction of human genitalia in the game. Yep, Rust chucks you into an open world environment, as naked as the day your were born,  with the sole goal of survival. Whilst the game throws looming threats such as wolves and bears, the primary threat is the other players. As you start to build up resources, you’ll want to build  base in which to store those items, but this leaves them open to other players stealing. So security measures such as locked doors can protect you from thieves. People learnt how to double down on doors, creating an inner security sanctum to prevent players from simply running into your base when you enter. However, never underestimate the ingenuity of people, as even a double door wont keep your belongings 100% safe. Rust is the only game in which I’ve seen videos of people openly cry over a raided base. So why other games might have the ugliest, nastiest and toughest creatures to fight against, they are nothing compared to having a crazed naked dude jump out from some trees, clobber you to death and rob your corpse.

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