Variant (2020) – Official Trailer

Variant (2020) – Official Trailer

Dec 3, 2020

It was told that Jamie, who was born in space, followed his parents in search of an unknown creature in the universe.

After a long period of searching, the unknown creature was finally captured by the crew of the Thunder and named “Baal”. Under the lure of Baal, the young Jamie released it. “Baal” who escaped from the experimental tank killed all the crew and Jamie’s parents, and the young Jamie escaped back to Earth in an escape capsule alone.

Twenty years later, a variant of “Baal” has now appeared on earth. Jamie must save mankind and find self-redemption.

Starring: Liu Jingyu, Yang Shuting and Kai Er

Variant (2020) - Official Trailer - Horror Trailer - Horror Land



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