10 Amazing Facts about Dr. Giggles

10 Amazing Facts about Dr. Giggles

by | Oct 29, 2018

I’ve spoken about the 80’s at length, and no doubt will continue doing so until I drop down dead. One thing is sure, the 80’s slasher trend was surely fading by the mid 90’s, and by it’s end…it had flat-lined! One of the films desperately clinging to the entrails of the sub-genre was the 1998 slasher flick, Dr. Giggles, which saw Larry Drake turned in to a maniacal psychotic who thinks he’s a doctor.  With a wicked sense of humour, a lashings of gore and more puns than you can throw a scalpel at, this festering wound of a film is surely the death throws of a genre way too long in the tooth! Minty Comedic Arts grabs hold of Dr. Giggles and shakes real hard to get 10 whole solid facts from the frightful film, but even Minty struggles at this task. 



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