10 Amazing Facts About Poltergeist

10 Amazing Facts About Poltergeist

by | Aug 1, 2018

“They’re Here!”

Back in 1982, Stephen Spielberg and Texas Chainsaw’s Tobe Hooper, collaborated on a suburban horror film of supernatural proportions. Poltergeist tells the tale of a California family, haunted by sinister forces, which result in the youngest daughter being kidnapped by the spirits. The film was a hug hit and opened the door for hundreds of other films to explore the supernatural spirit world. Minty Comedic Arts hops on board to explore 10 Amazing Facts About Poltergeist that you may not have known. From curses to cuts, Minty has you covered!


It’s Heeerrreeeee, my video that pays homage to one of my favourite horror movies ever, so sit back, watch a streak vomit its insides out, along with a closet growing a giant orange vagina, while we shake a sleazy housing developer while screaming “YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES” as we look into Poltergeist.



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