10 Differences Between Script and Movie: Poltergeist

10 Differences Between Script and Movie: Poltergeist

by | Nov 4, 2019

Hitchcock was a stickler for keeping to the script. Once it was written, it only needed to be filmed. But not every film director sticks with that philosophy. Sometimes, actors might wish to explore their characters more, change lines or even take a different approach ot what the script says. Directors might decide to trim clunky lines, that might have read fine on paper, but just came across as silly on film. These are just a few examples of why a director might deviate from the shooting script, and that means that the final result might not always be what the writers original envisioned.

Minty takes the script to the classic haunted house horror Poltergeist and explores how the film deviated from the script, with 10 awesome examples. This is a great example of how great directors and producers can make snap decisions for the better. So what changed when the cameras rolled? Here is 10 Differences Between Script and Movie: Poltergeist.



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